Demo 1.4 (Performance update)

Hi! Long time no see!

CMO: Hex Night development is going well. I've rolled some changes back into the demo. Sorry it's not got much in the way of new content, but there are a few little changes here and there.. 😊 The biggest change: Game performance is much better now, and it also works on A1200s with no fast RAM.. (I don't actually recommend this! I'm just doing groundwork for a future CD32 version)

Follow the occasional - hopefully soon more frequent dev streams at

Full rolling changelogs are available over on my discord at

Here's a little video with some of the changes in it...

See you next time! There might not be any further updates to this demo, I really don't know at this stage, there may be an attitional level or so added near the end of the final game's development, or the often threatened seasonal (xmas!) levels that I never manage to finish in time to actually release an xmas demo, haha!



CMO Demo 1.4 (lha/exe) 2 MB
72 days ago
CMO Demo 1.4 (AmiBerry/WHDload) 2 MB
72 days ago

Get Creeping Me Out: Hex Night (demo)

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Unbelievably good

Thankyou! And thankyou for finding that bug again as I definitely would’ve rolled the demo out thinking that it had been squashed if you hadn’t. 😅