Demo 1.1 released

Demo 1.1 is a more polished version of the demo released a year ago.. It's also the first time I've uploaded something to, so excuse me if I make some mistakes! This is a short demo, with 20ish minutes of play time, more if you look for secrets. It has a few levels, a couple of bosses, some bonus stage content, really just a taster for the final game.

This demo is again, of the "high spec" build so has slightly odd requirements for an Amiga game.  (2MBChip, 1MBFast, probably an 020+) - watch this space for information about lower spec builds in future.

A comprehensive list of changes is pretty difficult, but there's a readme included in the LHA. Most significant new features would be..

  • More polish all around (graphical improvements mostly)
  • Password screen implemented
  • Memory requirements slightly reduced
  • Hugely improved logic, many bugfixes!

Please let me know how you get on with this demo. It may be easy, as it represents the very beginning of the game. If you'd like to keep up to date with developments in the entire project I've been streaming game dev on Twitch at - feel free to drop in and ask any questions.

It's great to be here on itch, I'll try to keep this updated regularly!


CMO Demo 1.1 (lha/exe) 1 MB
Apr 16, 2022

Get Creeping Me Out: Hex Night (demo)

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Hi, I would like to launch your game via WinUAE. I don't know how to do exactly. I have no problem with other games.Can you help me with ?

Of course. 😁 I'm really glad you said you have a working WinUAE set up.. I guess you're used to using ADFs mostly?

You'll need to set it to have enough RAM and a powerful enough CPU, easiest would be to select A1200 from the quickstart menu and "4MB fast Ram expanded config" in the configuration box below it.. Decompress the LHA file (winRAR or 7zip can do this) and then add that folder as a bootable drive in the drive settings in WinUAE (screenshot included) then press start at the bottom.. 

Hopefully that'll work. WinUAE can be really odd to configure.. But that's probably the easiest way without involving a whole AmigaOS/workbench installation.

Let me know if you have any issues.

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Thanks a lot for your tutorial, it works. I can play now and going to make a video soon :) 

Will this game offer long and I mean long hours of fun game play, story, cutscene, etc?

The final game? Sure.. It already takes a good while to find all the hidden stuf in the demo. :) I'll do a speedrun of the levels I've already made but i think its already around an hour if i power through it avoiding enemies etc. It wouldn't surprise me at all if the final game has a 5+hr campaign but it's difficult to be certain at this point.


I have played the demo and I love it. There is an actual story..a plot....something that pushes me to play the game to see what happens next. Entices me to play the game to see the ending. It is literally an adventure/platform game. I crave endless titles like that to appear for the Amiga system.

Count me as your official customer. I will buy the CD or digital copy of your game. I am in! Please don't stop making RPG or adventure games...Amiga truly craving these titles.

Thank you for the positive feedback 😊 It's great to be able to make the game at all, I'm happy you enjoyed it so far!

After this is done I have plans for visual novels with RPG elements, but Scorpion is missing a couple of features I'd need first.

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visual noooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DON'T STOP!!!! I CANNOT HAVE ENOUGH! I CANNOT HAVE ENOUGH!! I CANNOT HAVE ENOUGH!! I NEED TO BE DROWNING on these genre...please....please...please be an officially company that only makes these genre games...I will LITERALLY BUY EVERY SINGLE TITLE YOU MAKE

LITERALLY SPEAKING and I will proof it by action and not just words!! DON'T STOP....MAKING....GAMES LIKE THESE! I BEG YOU! I BEG YOU! I BEG YOU!!

I will even pre-order this game now!! Just send me how much it cost with paypal and on April 28th 2022 I will pay it immediately AND IF YOU  BELIEVE it needs more I will pay the difference and if I overpaid keep the rest!!!


I love novel games like these as well:

Amiga is capable to display graphics like this like PS 4 and PS 5 as static image and even have these exact fonts like can even animate her eyes to blink, smile, etc and still be this detailed and with V4 it is piece of cake!!

Please consider titles like this and I am happy to pay 79.99 digital download for such titles for Amiga games


Now that’s some enthusiasm, haha! Thankyou!

I definitely plan to concentrate on narrative games, as I have this entire setting and cast of characters for them, but with occasional side project smaller action games (I have a 4 player party platform wizard melee thing reasonably far along) its really nice to have palette cleanser projects so I don’t burn out (it can get pretty repetitive doing things like mapping and pixel art), but yep..

VNs will definitely be my next “big” project, wizonk is more just fun on the side (it’s really useful to prototype mechanics to use in CMO, and I think I did the bulk of its coding within a week? The rest is just tinkering and making more levels), but I’ll obviously be using Scorpion, so that limits me to the usual low res Amiga spec limitations (I like the limitations, I was going to work within them when I started making the VN in Tyrannobuilder.. I made my “house style” EHB palette for The VN, even before I knew I’d be making scorpion games. Sophie, the password screen girl in Hex Night was drawn for the VN, originally. 

I appreciate the offer but really, payments won’t be processed through me most likely but the publishing partner (bitmapsoft, if they’ll still have me, lol), so wait until there’s a physical product to throw your money at, as it sounds like you’ll want a boxed copy. 😁 (I guess I do have a tip jar Patreon, but it’s really *just* a tip jar with no current promise of exclusive content. 

Thanks again I’m glad you liked the demo, it’s a big game though, so I hope it doesn’t take too long to complete. 😅

I get insufficient chip ram error after a couple of the splash screens:

Running: A1200 with 030 / 2MB Chip 128MB Fast

Ahh, I have an ACA1233n with the same spec, you’ll probably either have to boot with no startup sequence, reduce wb resolution, or have a blank wallpaper.. (if you’re running Fblit or the P96 native library in workbench that should help get it loadable) it needs about 1.8MB free chipram. Fingers crossed!

no Startup Sequence fixed loading, thanks! I love it, thanks for the demo! 

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Oh excellent! thanks for trying it out and I’m glad that worked. 🙂