1.2 Demo update!

Another update! 1.2 is mostly logic tweaks, but it does bring some new features and usability improvements. Based on feedback since the 1.1 demo, I've made the following changes. Some were from watching others play, so thanks everyone who's tried it out so far!

  • Tiny slimes now only hurt you if they jump/fall on you.. if you stomp or step on them it inflicts no player damage.
  • Player flashes when hit and a longer animation + impact sound.
  • Chests now animate opening (becomes an actor to animate and then disappear) and catapult coins.
  • You can now hold duck for 2+ seconds and pan the camera down to avoid leaps of faith.
  • Odd map behaviour reduced
  • Added extra player respawns
  • Added medium (5 health) powerups and small (1 health) powerups
  • Various map and bug fixes
  • Quit button on the main menu
  • Improved boss logic

I've included an Amiberry archive and a WHDload folder as well as the standard folder/exe. The new formats are only very rough, but I'll improve them in time. Scorpion export options are pretty new and I'm not certain what I'm doing with them yet, so hopefully I did it right.. (the WHDload folder seems to run fine on my A1200, i don't have something set up to test the Amiberry folder with yet though. Let me know if you have any issues getting it to run. 😊

The 1.3 update is likely to be largely an audio/visual one.. Hopefully next week?


CMO Demo 1.2 (Amiga .exe) 1 MB
Apr 19, 2022
CMO Demo 1.2 (WHDLoad) 1 MB
Apr 19, 2022
CMO Demo 1.2 Amiberry Folder 1 MB
Apr 19, 2022

Get Creeping Me Out: Hex Night (demo)

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