1.3 - An A/V update.. Mostly!

It's a week since 1.1, and based on a lot of very helpful feedback, I've implemented a bunch of new things and fixes.. Here's a video showing the changes since the earlier 1j demo.. It's coming along! It's really pleasing to be able to polish the early parts of the game as you'll obviously be seeing them early so they need to make a good impression!

So, new to this update:

  • Drastically improved city tileset. It's been a long time coming!
  • Tweaks to parallax backdrop to remove irritating pointy clouds & blend buildings better.
  • A couple of fixes to ceiling slimes (still one ceiling slime bug to fix, oops)
  • Somewhat retuned music (WIP)
  • Fixed: selecting map locations too close to screen edge would make selector bubble appear partially off screen.

Thanks to everyone who's played the demo so far.. Let me know if you have any issues getting it to run, or other feedback!

See you next time! - Mixel

PS: This may end up being close to the "final" version of this demo. I may revisit it later in the game's development, and may release offshoots for unexpanded A1200/CD32 etc once that build actually works right..


CMO Demo 1.3 (WHDLoad) 1 MB
Apr 23, 2022
CMO Demo 1.3 (lha/exe) 1 MB
Apr 23, 2022

Get Creeping Me Out: Hex Night (demo)

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