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Enter the arena and fight off three friends (or enemies) with a range of mystical powers!

The aim of the game is to be the last spellcaster standing, by any means necessary. 

About this project:

This is the first multiplayer test for Wizonk, supporting 2-4 players, either using a parallel port Multitap or two players on joystick with two on keyboard (currently a bit janky) - Wizonk’s core multiplayer component is free (pay what you feel?), but in time there will be an enhanced, more fleshed out Wizonk+ with a single player / cooperative campaign, available commercially.

Wizonk is made in Scorpion Engine, all graphics, sound, music, coding, etc by Michael (Mixel) Dawes with huge thanks to Earok and the entire Scorpion community. 

System Requirements:

Wizonk should run on all 1MB Amigas. If there are any issues please let me know and I’ll fix them. Known bug: On some systems when loaded from workbench, it will freeze at the title screen. (Normally you press fire to skip it) if you boot with no startup sequence it should work fine. 


All 4 players can control the start menu screen. From there you can choose:

Weapons section

  • Start weapon - click the coloured dots to change each character’s start spell)
  • Weapon availability - hashed out weapons do not spawn on map.
  • Randomise all or individual start weapons with the question marks.

Players Section

  • Press the joysticks to enable or disable a player.
  • Press the medals to see score and victory totals.
  • Press the torn up paper to reset all scores.

Handicap section

Choose health for individual or all players. One, Three, Five or 10!

Level section

  • "?" Is Random stage. (continues to randomise between rounds)
  • Choose which level to play on - icons by the level name show special flags. (Eg; level has looping bounds)

Special Section

  • Enable/Disable Item Drops
  • Enable/Disable music (WIP)
  • Enable/Disable monsters

Timer Section

Choose how long the round should last.  

Speed Section

Choose between 3 speed settings:

  • 25fps
  • 25fps with motion smoothing
  • 50fps 

The lower speed settings offer less hectic gameplay and allow Wizonk to run smoothly on a wider variety of configurations. Ideal for learning the ropes.

Misc Menu controls

  • Save icon - saves the current settings AND scores
  • Colour wheel - randomly chooses a background theme.
  • Quit button - top left, exits the game.
  • Play button - starts the game!



  • Up to jump (or fire2)
  • Left/right to walk
  • Down (when on ground) back dash.
  • Fire - Shoot/Attack

Advanced Controls

  • Hold Fire - charge attack*
  • Down when above wooden/thin platforms - you can pass down through certain platforms if you’re holding down when you would be landing on them.

*Charge Attacks (eg: Ghost)
Each weapon has 3 levels of power. In some cases this translates to a bigger, more powerful attack, in others, different weapon behaviour. For example the ghost weapon, at lowest power is a slow projectile that passes through walls. At medium strength it flies in a waving pattern. At full strength it seeks players to hurt, sometimes circling the player to protect him.

Frog Curse
Shooting the enemy with the frog spell transforms them into a frog (and hurts them significantly). As a frog you still have some degree of control, but frog’s gonna frog, so you can’t do too much. You can jump on people’s heads and hurt them slightly though!

Pressing (or holding and releasing) fire boosts you upwards. If you hold up at the same time you can fly great heights. The blast energy is harmful to other players so you can use it like a stomp attack.

Rocks that inflict more damage when they hit the enemy at high speed! You can also ride on boulders, though it can be tricky!

The enchanted blade allows you to make rapid lunges around the screen! Similar to the flight spell but more horizontal and stabbier.

Wizards aren’t known for their marksmanship, but arrows are fast and effective. (Particularly at high strength)

Fires incredibly rapidly but wonkily. Medium strength gives a multi-blast and full power makes a short range, smart-bomb like effect.

Holy Water
As the bubble bounces waterfalls cascade down the level.

Dangerous weapons
These weapons can inflict damage on the caster, so be careful!

Vines are a neutral weapon that saps anyone who touches them’s health *and* score. You can set traps for your foes.

Cast power increases the fuse length and throw strength. 

Fire Potion
Flames from the potion can rebound back and hurt the caster. 


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Wizonk 0.3a HDD Install 253 kB
Wizonk 0.3a .ADF 880 kB

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Very nice and promising multiplayer game with addictive potential and very nice graphics. Our German-language review can be found in our recorded livestream starting at 03:13:56. Subscription to our YouTube or Twitch channel is welcome. 🙂

I hope you finish it. The game is already very well done. Now all that's missing are bots and music.  Multiplayer games are rare at the moment, so I'm all the more looking forward to Wizonk!

thankyou so much.. bots are possible but going to be an absolute pain in the butt to code, haha. They’ll have to act pretty arbitrarily.. But it should be funny to try to do. 

Better stupid or crazy bots than none at all. I imagine a round with 2 humans and 2 bots would be great fun. It certainly increases long-term motivation. But I can also imagine that it means a lot of work.

Needs a manual.

Agreed, that’ll come in time. At the moment it’s changing too fast for that to work v well. 😅

It's coming to good game, exciting to wait. This is really fun when you can play this with friend, thank you. I also added it to my "Gameplay of New Amiga Games from January 2024" -video too.

Thankyou! :D It's getting there!

Great fun. Reminds a bit of Jet Set Knights and and TowerFall. 

It's not bad, and I mean this with the greatest respect, but it's missing something. Perhaps it could be having more traps or making the level scroll up and down, or left and right for differing levels, or having wall double jumps, or having a quest on the level before you can kill the other player - e.g. you need to destroy a protection crystal, and there are traps on the level that can immobilize the other player, so you can get to it.

AI is a must of course, and more level variety. As a prototype it's very nicely done. Have you thought about doing this one in AGA only to give it a bit more visual oomph?

(1 edit)

Thankyou! an Aga version will likely come eventually. I’m kind of thinking of it like the worms/worms directors cut route where eventually there’ll be a souped up version with a lot more stuff. It’s been really important for me to make it run on as wide a range of Amigas as possible for now though. 

 There will be other gameplay modes, more weapons.. enemies, and a lot more environmental things very soon (conveyer belts, smashing doors, portals, water, sticky platforms, ramps, half height platforms) At least one of these will be in the next point release. 🙂

Nice game!


Oh oh, surprise release ;) ! Cannot wait to play it with my kids ;)

Regarding the future Wizonk+ : does Scorpion have the required features for the enemies AI ?

Thanks again so much for your top quality & original Amiga work :)


Scorpion can definitely handle AI but I’d have to manually script it, so the bot players would likely be a bit idiotic, haha! It is something I’m going to attempt though. 

The single player (and co-op) campaign is going to be more akin to bubble bobble, with enemies and collectibles. (And very light puzzling)

(There will be enemies on a lot of the vs levels too but I had to strip them out as they needed too much work to get right before today.. I have bats, rats, slimes and the beginnings of tiny skeletons) in 0.1 the only functioning enemy is the sawblades. ☺️

That's great ! Thanks for your reply :)